Tap Takeover

Craft beer is a true passion of ours and we offer an unrivalled range, carefully chosen to appeal to the open-minded amateur as well as the devoted beer drinker. 

Our ‘Tap Takeover’ rotation showcases an exciting, constantly changing selection that will tease and challenge the taste buds, ensuring every visit means the discovery of something new. 

Current front-runners include Camden Aussie Pils – brewed exclusively for us, with a huge Antipodean whack of aromatic Australian hops, West St Mungo – a Scottish-brewed premium lager, enduringly popular in its homeland, and the much-loved Sierra Nevada Celebration – crammed with citrus and pine aromas. 

We love our IPAs and amongst our favourites you’ll find flavoursome, accessible Harpoon Take 5, as well as Rooster’s 24/7, a balanced, satisfying all-rounder. If you fancy something a little different, try one of our Wild Beer Co brews, including Pogo - a fruit bomb bursting with guava, orange and passion fruit aromas. 

Some of our exclusive craft beers are ‘WIGIG’ barrels – ‘When It’s Gone, It’s Gone’ – so watch out for these rare and tasty numbers and make sure you get a piece of the action!